Who Am I?

I am father of a 9-year-old daughter and a 2-year-old son. The early experiences my daughter had online inspired me to start Kinzoo, a private messenger that turns screen time into family time. As Founder and CEO, I aim to make Kinzoo the most trusted brand in the world for incorporating technology into our children’s lives, and I want to help parents mold their kids into responsible digital citizens.

In researching what I wanted Kinzoo to be, and more importantly what I didn’t want it to be, I learned a lot on the subject of screen time. I began to question the advice that we typically receive in regards to screen time, which focuses on enforcing time limits. I always found that advice to be rather impractical in this day and age and I concluded that when it comes to screens, quality is much more important than quantity. I wrote and published my first book, Screen Captured, to share this belief with parents and to help arm them with information so that they can better identify opportunities for more productive uses of screen time. All of my research helped to make screens much less of a contentious and anxiety-inducing force in my home, and I hope that my book and Kinzoo can help do the same for other parents.

As a CFA Charterholder, I believe that I am uniquely qualified to analyze the future of technology from both the consumer and company perspectives. I live in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada with my two children and wife of thirteen years.

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